1.  Applicants to the college and university scholarship program are required to submit the following:

a) Resume or personal experience statement.

b) Detailed proposal of the thesis to be written or project to be undertaken (maximum 5 pages).

c) Two letters of recommendation from professors.

2.  Applicants to the university fellowship program are required to submit the following:

a) Curriculum vitae or resume.

b) Detailed proposal of the study or research to be undertaken (maximum 5 pages).

c) Statement of plans and commitments after the fellowship program.

d) Two letters of reference (or recommendations from professors).

e) Report of funding resources that the proposed study or research has already received and a preliminary budget showing how this fellowship will be needed additionally, if applicable.

f) List of publications or papers presented, if applicable.

3.  All grantees will be required to submit to the Foundation at the end of the period covered by the grant a written report of their study or research, including an explanation of how grant funds were expended.

4.  Applications to the scholarship and fellowship programs will be accepted two (2) times per year, closing at February 1 and September 1. The final results will be announced respectively in April and December each year. Applications for funding for projects to be undertaken at non-academic organizations can be submitted throughout the year and the review and award will be made on a rolling basis.  Applications (preferably in PDF files), except letters of reference/recommendation, must be submitted by E-mail to, with one hard copy submitted by regular mail to the following address:

     Taiwanese American Foundation of Boston
     c/o C.Y. Wang
     15 Crescent Road
     Lexington, MA 02421