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Research Topics

  Chia-Yueh Liao Political Science and
International Relations
University of Southern California
Trade and Legalization in East Asia: Government-Business Collaboration in Trade Dispute Settlement
  Yun-Ru Chen Law School
Harvard University
American Legal Feminism in Taiwan: The case of domestic violence prevention and treatment act
  Chien-Yuan Sher Dept. of Economics
Boston University
Network Marketing in a Political Campaign: Machine Politics in Taiwan
  Hsin-Yang Wu School of Law
University of Washington
Applying Official Language Plus from the Perspectives of Linguistic Human Rights and Multiculturalism in Taiwan
  Ming Te Wang School of Education
Harvard University
Adolescents’ Perceptions of School Climate, - Achievement Motivation and Engagement in Middle School
  Dr. Hsien-Ho Lin School of Public Health
Harvard University
Association between tobacco smoking and active tuberculosis in Taiwan: Prospective cohort study in Taiwan
  Chuan-Ju Cheng School of Law
University of Washington
Nation within Nation: Building Indigenous Self-government in Taiwan
  Chun Huang College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, University of Florida Revitalization of Taiwanese Indigenous Siraya Language and Culture: Year 2008
  Hsin-Yen Yang Communication Studies,
University of Iowa
The political Implications of the Japanomania Phenomenon in Taiwan: National Identity and Regional Media Flows in Globalization.
  Fang-Yee Lin Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Developing Multiscale Habitat Models for Avian Biodiversity Conservation among Fragmented Habitats in South Taiwan
  Yen-Tu Su Law School,
Harvard University
Rethinking the Constitutional Law of Competitive Democracy
  Chih-Wei Tsai School of Law,
University of Washington
The Revitalization of Traditional Indigenous Land regulatory Regime
 - Taiwanese Tribal Self-Government Project
  Joshua Su-Ya Wu Economics and International
Studies, American University
The political impact of Taiwan-US economic trade on a sub-national state-by-state level
  Chin-Hao Huang School of Foreign Service,
Georgetown University
Non-traditional Threats and Confidence Building Measures: Resuming Dialogue and Rebuilding Trust Across Taiwan Strait
  Hung-Yu Ru Anthropology,
Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa
Anthropological Study of Liver Disease in Two Aboriginal Groups: Amis and Atayal


Peilin Liang

Asian Theatre,
Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa

Weaving a Tale of Many Voices - Multiculturalism and Its Making in Taiwan's Contemporary Theatre


Leslie Hsu

Earth and Planetary Science,
Univ. of California at Berkeley

Mapping Active Crustal Deformation in Eastern Taiwan


Ming-sung Kuo

J.S.D.  Yale Law School

Dilemmas of Citizenship in the Global Era


Hui-min Chou

University of Maryland

Educating Urban Aboriginal Students in Taiwan: Six Teachers' Perspectives


Wen-Ling Tu

Environmental Planning
Univ. of California at Berkeley

Challenges of Environmental Planning and Grassroots Activitism in the Face of IT Industrial Dominance


Hui-wen Chen

Harvard Law School

Beyond Democratization and Justice: The Role of Nation-Building in a Taiwan's Dealing with Its Past Atrocities


Sasala Taiban

University of Washington

Dialogue with Nature: Social and Cultural Dimensions of Rukai Resources Use in Wu-Tai District


Wen-Feng Lai

Boston University

Taiwanese mothers' discourse styles with preschool age children:
Searching for the "Taiwanese-ness" in the educational arena


Robert Edmondson

Michigan State University

Emerging Trends in the Socio-cultural Orientation of Taiwanese
Student Associations


Jiwas Bawan

Arizona State University

Culturally Relevant Indigenous Language Instruction and Curriculum in Taiwan


Jyh-Jia Chen

University of Wisconsin

Hegemony, Official Knowledge, and Textbooks: The Politics of Deregulating National Standardized Textbooks in Taiwan, 1989-2001


Chih-Chieh Chen

International Service, American University

Taiwan's Campaign for Membership of the United Nations:
An Analysis of Self, Self-consciousness, and Conflict Resolution


Rwei-Ren Wu

Political Science,
University of Chicago

The Formosan Ideology: Anti-colonial Struggle and the Origins of Taiwanese National Identity (1895-1945)


Tze-Luen Lin

Urban Affairs and Public Policy
of Delaware

The Political Economy of Sustainable Development: Environmentalism, Capitalism and Democracy in Taiwan and South Korea


Wi-Vun Chiung

University of Texas at Arlington

Learning Efficiencies for Different Orthographies: A Comparative Study of Han Characters and Vietnamese Romanization


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